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At The Lyme Bay we take our Coffee rather seriously and love what Brazier Produce for us.

What follows is their story. IT began on a hot afternoon in the dusty centre of Australia. Drinking fabulous coffee in the middle of the outback we talked of how there was nothing similar in our corner of England, and decided to do something about it. After much tasting and talking and more coffee tasting, along with training with some of the best roasters in Australia, we bought our own Giesen roaster and set up our tin-shed roastery in the Somerset countryside.

Three years later and we now roast coffee for our wholesale customers both locally, across county borders and as far as London. We’ve expanded into larger premises in the historic Fox’s Tonedale Mill site and have opened the roastery to the public – we want to tell people the story of great coffee and what better way than to invite them in and watch the roasting process in action, followed by drinking the freshly roasted stuff. We love to chat to coffee drinkers, experienced and newbies alike, and are always happy to chat about the best way to drink our coffee at home.

People are at the core of what we do. We love this side of the business and enjoying working closely with our wholesale customers, to help them get the best out of our coffee. Delivering in person, weekly phone calls to take orders, unlimited training and some great marketing materials are all part of how we do business. The people who grew the coffee are just as important to us, which is why we pay a premium for speciality grade coffee – the farmers who worked hard to grow the best-tasting coffee on the market, deserve to be paid well for it.

We believe in an ongoing process of discovery, to produce ever new and ever more delicious coffee drinks. This voyage of discovery begins with the real voyage to the coffee producing country of origin. We’re interested in what coffee producers have to teach us about how they work with specific coffee vertical, micro climates and processing methods. It’s clear to us that the purchasing decisions we make have a profound impact on the lives of farmers and their communities and we’re committed to growing strong sustainable relationships.

» WELLINGTON: if you find yourself here just outside Taunton pay them a visit at their cafe & roastery – enjoy their fine food as well as of course a coffee made by these experts.

BRAZIER COFFEE ROASTERS, Puttee House, Unit 10, Tonedale Mill Business Park, Wellington TA21 0AW

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